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A Conscious Festival Celebrating life through a rich fabric of delights that interweaves colourful threads of Yoga, Dance, Music, Theatre and Art. A coming together and sharing of the beauty and colour of life. We offer a diverse program of Yoga, profound connection through various forms of dance, collaborative and individual opportunities to indulge your creativity and musical delights to set your spirit soaring. You are warmly invited to share in the joy of outward expression and to rest deeply in stillness. We are a new small festival in our second year, combining the most positive and vibrant elements of a festival into a three day celebration to inspire, uplift and soothe. Our festival is a collection of carefully crafted events, workshops, performances and chill outs designed to bring people together. Our aim is to de-stress, explore and our enhance our experience of life through deep connection to each other and our experiences as we embrace them. We are bringing together many specialist workshop tutors, setting up profound talks, classes, performances and live music. There are sound and voice workshops to empower and nourish, as well as melodic, hypnotic chant sessions from the eastern traditions that engender feelings of deep peace and joyfulness. In the café we have beautiful acoustic artists and bands to complement a delicious selection of cakes, teas, raw foods and freshly cooked vegetarian dishes although you are very welcome to bring your own from home. In the evenings we are programming some events to help wind down the day along with opportunities for a more upbeat evening with live music and conscious dance experiences that bring together skilled musicians, DJ’s and artists from around the globe specializing in this type of event. We chose a stunning location in 5000 acres of private land to give the benefit of seclusion, positioned in the heart of the Dorset Countryside giving the option for those local to the area to camp or come in daily on a festival ticket. There is a full children’s program of nurturing and uplifting activities including yoga, crafts, storytelling and theatre. The healing fields provide complementary therapists for a relaxing massage or other treatments from a wide field of disciplines, supported by our yurt sauna and shower area. We have day or full festival tickets available and children’s ticket prices are nominal. Early Bird discounts are available and there are also 10% discount codes available to those subscribing to our monthly newsletter. This family friendly event operates a strict no drug or alcohol policy. Buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment as there are limited tickets available. Book now through the website